YPM is a charitable organisation for young people in March and the surrounding area. Aged 7-25 years open 5 days a week.

Board of Directors

Sean Brown (chairperson) Sean is a Retired Group Commander, Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service, Sean has been at YPM as a trustee for many years and has dedicated a lot of time and knowledge into the running of the service.

Alison Sutton (Treasurer) Alison has recently changed her occupation from working in Cambridgeshire county council libraries to being Clay farm community centre manager. Alison has been involved for many years and has helped to transfer new skills.

Natalie McCullogh (vice chair) Natalie spent the majority of her teenage years at YPM as a member of the youth council. She is now a qualified youth worker for Cambridgeshire County Council. Natalie helps with updates in youth provision and keeping us informed of any changes to help with young people’s issues.

Penny Hicks Penny is our newest member of the board. Penny has volunteered at many clubs over the years at YPM including Junior Club where she led on making arts and crafts for different events and special occasions. 

Liam Siddons Liam was once a member of our team working as a youth worker. Liam is currently working in a local chain store and is a retained fire fighter. His aim and ambition is to join the full time fire service.